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Our 2017 Retreat Theme

Finding the Missing Peace: Pathways to Prayer

During our 2017 retreats, we will explore some of the different types of prayer, as well as some of the joys and challenges all of us face in prayer. We will discover that the pathways of prayer, though many, all flow from the same source: that deep desire in all of us to draw closer to the Lord. We will also address some of the tougher questions regarding prayer: Why aren’t my prayers answered? I take time to pray, but nothing happens! I am too busy to pray. (To quote, Fr. Xavier, “People who say that they are too busy to pray are too busy.”)

    2017 Conference Titles

     1. Prayer: Steering Wheel or Spare Tire?

     2. Prayer: Magic or Mystery?

     3. Prayer: The Path to Transformation and Freedom

     4. Prayer: Guiding our Feet into the Way of Peace

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